MPAD 6104 Public Organizations and Management
This course examines the changing images of people, organizations and organizational environments; research findings and applications related to organization structure, motivation, leadership, communications, decision-making, group dynamics, interpersonal skills; ethics and values important to the study and practice of organizational leadership; and assessment of value systems and the impact of competing value systems on public and organizational policy making.

MPAD 6188: Research Applications in Public Administration
This course involves preparing a major paper on a topic of significance in public or nonprofit administration. Topics must be approved by the instructor, and paper drafts will be revised by the student following evaluation by the instructor. Each paper must be well grounded in the appropriate professional literature and must demonstrate competence in professional communication skills.

MPAD 6310: Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
This course is about the foundations of the nonprofit sector. The course provides student with a survey of the history, culture, and legal foundations of the nonprofit sector, and examines current policy issues confronting nonprofit organizations in various sub-sectors. The course also identifies key concepts and definitions, and examines the scope and relationships between the nonprofit, for profit and government sectors.

MPAD 6311: Introduction to Nonprofit Management
This course is an introduction to nonprofit management. The course provides students with an overview of structure, function, and administration of nonprofit organizations, and covers strategies designed to insure the financial and ethical management of nonprofit organizations. Topics covered include: board & executive leadership, management, legal and financial requirements, program evaluation, fund raising, partnerships, collaboration, competition, marketing, social media advocacy, lobbying, grants and contract management, and strategic planning.

MPAD 6330: Program Evaluation for the Public & Nonprofit Sector
This course is designed to give students a comprehensive overview of the theory, concepts, methods, and tools of program evaluation. In addition to providing an overview of various types and uses of program evaluation, the course will emphasize building expertise in evaluation design, developing process and outcome measures, analyzing data, and reporting results. The course will also address the use of evaluation tools to support the development and management of programs.

MPAD 6328: Urban and Community Development
The course examines the policies and programs designed to reduce social and economic distress in U.S. communities and focuses on local and neighborhood-based efforts to address problems of inadequate housing, unemployment, lack of community services and facilities, crime etc. This course also considers the various roles that government, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations play in community revitalization.